POWTEQ active in home and aborad market

POWTEQ has become a new star in sample preparation equipment field with the further development in domestic and overseas market .So more and more clients from all over the world to come to our factory for visit and cooperation.

Powteq actively develops the southeast Asia market since last year, has obtained the gratifying achievement in Malaysia, Thailand, this year Powteq-Korea was founded and has also achieved good performance.In addition to this,in order to let some American and European customers know more about POWTEQs products, we have participated in some overseas exhibitions in America and Germany this spring.

POWTEQ in Pittcon

POWTEQ in Germany

In these exhibitions,POWTEQ has shown some best-selling products, such as:Micro Ball Mill GT300, Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200,Mortar Grinder MG200,Sieve Shaker SS2000.

At the same time,POWTEQ has held effective markeing activites domesticly. Several seminars successfully held in the major cities, such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing. Additionally,on site road shows in some universities and scientific research institutions has been organized in Taiyuan and Wuhan.

POWTEQ in Chengdu,Nanjing,Chongqing

POWTEQ in Taiyuan and Wuhan

POWTEQ has received many positive feedbacks in these exhibitions and activities. In the future ,depending on the professional technical and service team, POWTEQ will continue to provide high-quality products ,on-time delivery and best after-sales service for the customers home and abroad.