Powteq Visits Southeast Asia Partners

Since 2014, Grinder(Powteq) has been continuously expanding overseas sales channels and deeply cultivating overseas markets. In the past two years, Grinder has also participated in many large overseas exhibitions and won a great deal of overseas orders, which has attracted more and more attention. However, in order to better develop the overseas market, we know very well that we need to cooperate with excellent local partners to solve practical problems for terminal customers, so that we can go further and longer in the overseas development.

In July 2019, Grinder general manager Mr. Du visited agents in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, and also visit some end customers, communicate with them face to face, and dig into  customer application needs. At the same time, to help local agents fully understand the function and features of products, Mr. Du ping also gave a professional and detailed product training for local agents.

(At Indonesia)

(At Vietnam )

(At Thailand)

During this trip to southeast Asia, Grinder saw the development potential of southeast Asia market and strengthened his determination to develop overseas market.

The fruitful business investigation in southeast Asia urges Grinder to accelerate the brand internationalization process, carry out global strategic layout and make full efforts to promote the brand leap again with a broader vision, higher goals and more powerful measures.