Three-dimensional Mixer M10

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    M10 is suitable for mixing the particulate solid and liquid samples. It can ensure reliable analysis results by rotating evenly, so it is an ideal choice for quality control and R & D.


    Chemical materials, semiconductor materials, aviation materials, pharmaceuticals, etc

    Working Principle

    According to Schatz Geometric theory, the different specific gravity samples are placed into a closed container and kept rolling-over, inverting, rocking in a multi axial space until to the maximum uniformity. 

    Features and advantages

    ○  Easy operation,convenient to use
    ○  Low noise and high handling capacity
    ○  Dust-free operation, no environmental pollution



    Technical Data
    Speed 20~100rpm
    Time setting00:01~99:59(hr/min)
    Rated power200W
    Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H)496*640*375mm
    Package size(W*D*H)785*900*780mm

    Order Information
    Item No.
    24.882.0001Three-dimensional Shaker Mixer M10,220V,50/60 Hz (Please order sample-mixing bottle separately)
    02.882.0103sealed wide mouth sample-mixing bottle, plastic,0.5L
    02.882.0104sealed wide mouth sample-mixing bottle, plastic,1L
    02.882.0101sealed wide mouth sample-mixing bottle, plastic,2L
    70.010.0001fasten rubber ring (minimum order quantity: 12 pcs)
    11.882.1079adapter,for 500ml plastic sample-mixing bottle, MIQ:2pcs
    11.882.1080adapter,for 1L plastic sample-mixing bottle,MIQ:2pcs