Multi-functional Cutting Mill CM100M



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    Multi-functional CM100M, which is a unique product from Grinder. It is suitable for various soft, tough, fibrous and hard dry samples. It can be used for batch processing and continuous coarse crushing and fine crushing.

    M1 cutting type can handle fibrous, tough materials, such as tobacco, leather, circuit boards and so on;
    M2 cross beater type can deal with the mid-hard, brittle materials (hardness no more than 6Mohs), such as slag, coke, soil and so on;
    M3 rotor beater type can handle soft, food samples, such as cereals, feed and chemicals.
    Working Principle
    ○ M1-cutting type:
    The sample passes through the hopper into the grinding chamber and is cut by the shearing action between a rotor and a fixed cutting bar. When the sample size is smaller than the aperture on the sieve plate, the sample falls into the collecting bucket.
    ○ M2 -cross beater type:
    M2  type  grinds the samples through beating,impacting. The sample enters the center of the chamber through the hopper. The sample is crushed between the impact plate and the gear of the embedded parts. Once the sample size is smaller than the pore size of the sieve, they will enter into the receiving container. The beater rotor draws a large amount of air through the hopper channel, thus accelerate the speed of the crushed sample departing from the crushing chamber.
    ○ M3- rotor beater type:
    The sample enters the center of the chamber directly through the hopper. The sample is crushed between the rotor, embedded parts and sieve. Once the sample size is smaller than the pore size of the sieve, they will enter into the receiving container. The quick locking design of the mill door ensures the convenient and fast access to the crushing cavity, and also ensures the convenience of cleaning.
    Features and advantages
    ○ Equipped with crushing dust collection device to prevent cross contamination.
    ○ It can be fixed on the floor and equipped with casters to move easily.
    ○ With quick locking device and motor braking, it has high safety performance.
    ○ The grinding process is rapid and produces less heat
    ○ Through three different grinding accessories to achieve different functions, which is suitable for wider range of samples.
    ○  The final fineness is up to 100 microns. The size of the sample is controlled by the bottom sieve and sieve with different sizes can be selected.
    ○  A large amount of sample can be processed continuously, ranging from a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms per hour.
    ○  All the three types can be equipped with small sample receiver and cyclone separator, which is convenient for sample collection, chamber cleaning and heat generation reduction.










    Technical Data
    Feed size60*80mm
    Final fineness0.1-20mm
    Speed500-4000rpm,continuously adjustable
    Collector capacity0.25-30L
    Peripheral speedM1:3.4-20.1m/s,M2:3.6-28.9m/s, M3:3.5-28.5m/s
    Collector 0.25L、0.5L、1L、3L、5L、30L
    Grinding chamber materialstainless steel, 1.1740 steel, hardened steel
    Rated Power1.5KW
    Power supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size (W*D*H)590*705*1400mm(M1)590*705*1230mm(M2/M3)
    Package size (W*D*H)1300*900*700mm


    Order Information

    (The below is only partial information of items, for more details please contact  POWTEQ)

    Item No.
    24.885.0001Multi-Functional Cutting Mill,220V,50/60Hz, incl.5L collecting bucket and stand frame (Please order grinding assembly,hopper(only for cutting type), rotor, bottom sieve separately)
        Assembly for Cutting mill CM100M1(please order bottom sieve, rotor and hopper separately)
    01.885.0001stainless steel cutting assembly (including  cavity assembly,  cavity door, 3 stainless steel cutting bars)
    01.885.0002grinding  assembly of without heavy-metal contamination(including cavity assembly,  cavity door, and 3 steel 1.1740 cutting bars)
    Assembly for Cross Beater Mill CM100M2(including cross beater inner ring, cavity door,hopper,hopper lid,please order bottome sieve and rotor separately
     02.885.0001stainless steel
     02.885.0002hardened steel
     02.885.0003steel 1.1740
       Assembly for Rotor Beater Mill CM100M3(please order bottom sieve, rotor and hopper separately)
     03.885.0001 360°retaining frame , cavity door, hopper,cavity inner ring,hopper lid, stainless steel
     03.885.0003 180°retaining frame , cavity door, hopper,cavity inner ring, hopper lid, stainless steel