Jaw Crusher JC6

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    JC6 and JC5 are basically the same in application field and work principle. And both has the advantage of zero point correction to compensate for wear. Unlike JC5, JC6 is designed for desktop. JC6 features in the compact design, easy operation and the high final fineness of  sample (d90 < 0.5 mm).


    ○ Mining and metallurgical industries:niobium and titanium alloy, vanadium iron, chrome vanadium, tungsten carbide, ore, coal, slag, coke
    ○ Chemical products: wide variety of chemical industry raw materials
    ○ Geological and mineralogical: rock, granite, basalt, barite, silicate
    ○ Ceramic industry: talc, sintered clay, sintering ceramic, electric ceramic
    ○ Building materials: bauxite, slag brick, quartz, cement

    Working Principle

    The sample enters the grinding chamber via the anti-splashing hopper. The crushing is proceeded inside the wedge-shaped shaft space between two jaw plates. one jaw plate is fixed, while the other jaw plate is driven by a bent axle to perform oval movement with the continuous rotation of the motor. The sample is crushed due to extrusion caused by constant movements of the jaw plate and moves downward under the effect of gravity. In case the grain size of the sample is less than the lower opening gap of jaw plates, it will fall to the drawer receiver at the lower part of the machine.

    Features and Advantages

    ○  High throughput, high degree of size reduction.
    ○  Zero point adjustment to compensate the wear.
    ○  Anti- splash design hopper.
    ○  Easy-to-clean crushing chamber.
    ○  Excellent performance and high final fineness (d90 <0.5 mm).

    ○ Jaw plates in different materials(Manganese steel,Stainless steel,Tungsten carbide,Zirconium oxide,Steel of heavy- metal-free,Industrial plastic )

    Technical Data
    Feed size<40mm
    Final fineness<0.5mm
    Collector capacity3L
    Jaw plate width59.5mm
    Gap setting0~11mm
    Zero point adjustmentYes
    Rated power1.1KW
    Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H)450×630×490mm
    Package size(W*D*H)785×900×780mm

    Order Information

    (The below is only partial information of items, for more details please contact  POWTEQ)

    Item No.
    24.874.0006Jaw Crusher JC6,220 V, 50 /60Hz (Please order jaw plate and side liner separately)
    Accessories  JC6  (jaw plate and side liner should be ordered in pair)
    11.874.1004jaw plate,  manganese steel, 1piece
    11.874.1005jaw plate,  stainless steel, 1piece
    11.874.1006jaw plate, tungsten carbide,  1piece
    11.874.1007jaw plate, zirconium oxide, 1piece
    11.874.1019side liner,  stainless steel, 1piece
    11.874.1020side liner, tungsten carbide, 1piece
    11.874.1021side liner, zirconium oxide, 1piece
    Accessories JC6 for grinding without heavy-metal contamination (jaw plate and side liner should be ordered in pair)
    11.874.1008jaw plate,  steel 1.1750, 1piece
    11.874.1023side liner,  steel 1203, 1piece