Knife Mill HM300

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    The knife mill HM300 is a newly designed product,which is especially suitable for grinding and homogenizing large amount of samples to the analysis level in a short time.

    ○  Sample type:              
    Soft, elastic, fibrous, water-bearing, oily, fatty, dry sample
    ○  Application fields
    Agriculture: grain, feed, etc
    Biology: mouse tissue, plant leaves, seeds, seedling and germ
    Medicine: Chinese medicine, pills, etc
    Food: dried melon, vegetables, frozen food, cocoa,candy, preserved fruit, meat
    (*Especially suitable for large amount sample, such as: chicken bones, fresh fish, seafood, hazels,etc.)
    Working Principle
    The HM300 has four-blade knives at the center of the bottom of a grinding cup. A certain height gap is kept between the blades. Driven by a motor of 1.5KW, the knives start rotating. Reliable crushing and homogeneous phase effects are generated via the cutting of the sharp steel knife edges. The blunt side can be selected for coarse grinding of bulk samples or the tough side for fine grinding of samples.
    Features and advantages
    ○ 10 SOPs can be stored.
    ○ It allows to dry grinding and wet grinding.
    ○ 5 inch LED touch screen display, easy to operate.
    ○ With interval mode, regular mode and reverse mode.
    ○ Powerful brushless motor, the speed can be adjusted at the range of 500- 4000 rpm.
    ○ Designed with double-deck 4 pieces of straight blades to ensure higher grinding efficiency.
    ○ The mill designed with electromagnetic lock. It’s safe and reliable. The cover can not be opened during grinding process.
    Technical Data
    Feed size<130 mm
    Final fineness< 300 μm
    Motor speed500~4000rpm
    Time setting00:00-99:59(min/s)
    Batch quantity1-4.5L
    Interval modeyes
    Knivesstainless steel,titanium coating
    Number of blades4
    Rated power1.5KW
    Power supply220V,50Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H)303*575*485mm
    Package size(W*D*H)705*475*600mm


      Knife Mill HM300
      Item No.
      24.889.0001Knife Mill HM300,220 V, 50/60 Hz.(incl. 5L grinding container of autoclavable plastic, standard lid and knife of stainless steel)
      Accessories of HM300
      Grinding containers, 5L
      01.889.0001autoclavable plastic,transparent and scratch-resistant, incl. knife holder
      01.889.0002stainless steel,incl. knife holder
      Lids for grinding containers of autoclavabel plastic or PP
      01.889.0010standard lid,scratch-resistant PP
      01.889.0011standard lid,scratch-resistant PP, suitable for dry ice
      01.889.0005Gravity lid,PP
      01.889.0006Gravity lid,PP with overflow channels
      01.889.0003knife of stainless steel
      01.889.0004knife of titanium  coating for grinding without heavy -metal contamination
      01.889.0009knife of stainless steel with serrated blades for grinding meat