Portable Cutting Mill CM50

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    Portable Cutting Mill CM50 can perfectly process regular or irregular samples and it is an ideal machine for heavy-metal-free ROSH and WEEE test (e.g. rubber, plastics, garbage, circuit board, etc.)

    Sample type: soft, hard, tough, fibrous

    Typical sample: plastic, rubber, wood, circuit board etc.

    Working Principle

    Portable Cutting Mill processes the sample by the strong cutting and shear force. Samples are fed from the hopper and then fall into the grinding chamber. The samples are crushed many times through the shearing action between the rotor and cutting blades . Then the sample is crushed again through the shearing action between the rotor and sieves. Once the sample size is smaller than the aperture  of the sieve, they will enter into the receiving container.

    Features and advantages

    ○ The maximum capacity is 60 ml.
    ○ Easy operation and cleaning.
    ○ The rotor and the sieve can be easily installed, removed & replaced.
    ○ The small volume cutting chamber can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.
    ○ The grinding set can avoid cross-contamination has heavy-metal-free material for choice to meet different laboratory requirements.
    ○ The grinding process is rapid and produces less heat.So it is suitable for grinding temperature sensitive materials.






    Technical Data
    Feed size<10mm
    Final fineness0.3-4mm (Final fineness can be controlled by selection of different size of sieve)
    Batch quantity60g
    Rated power400W
    Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size200*305*238mm
    Package size340*465*320mm
    Net weight13kg


      Portable cutting mill CM50
      Item No.
      24.893.0001CM50,220V,50Hz ,stainless steel
      24.893.0002CM50,220V,50Hz, steel without heavy metal contamination
      01.893.0009Rotor,stainless steel
      01.893.0010Rotor,steel without heavy metal contamination
      Bottom sieves of stainless steel
      01.893.0001round holes,0.3mm
      01.893.0002round holes,0.5mm
      01.893.0003round holes,1.0mm
      01.893.0004round holes,2.0mm
      Bottom sieves of  titanium  coating
      01.893.0005round holes,0.3mm
      01.893.0006round holes,0.5mm
      01.893.0007round holes,1.0mm
      01.893.0008round holes,2.0mm