Rotary Sample Divider RSD200

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    The RSD200 can evenly divide one sample to 6, 8, 10 uniform small samples. Each small sample has the same physical and chemical properties, and can represent the attributes of the whole batch of samples. Currently, the divider is the most accurate sample dividing device on the market.

    Engineering/electronics, building materials, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemical/synthetic materials,metallurgical,geological/environment/resources recycling, glass/ceramics, biological, food.

    Working Principle

    Samples enter a taper-shaped rotating pipe via the feed hopper of the vibratory feeder. The rotating pipe rotates at a constant speed; samples move to the channels under the effect of centrifugal force and are collected inside the containers outside the above channels. The samples in all containers have the same physical and chemical properties.

    Features and advantages

    ○  Extremely high division accuracy
    ○  The parameters are digital and can be preset
    ○  Maintenance-free

    ○  Easy collection and cleaning
    ○  Wide range of the sample bottle volume
    ○  9 SOPs can be stored

    Technical Data
    Feed size<10mm
    Speed 80~120rpm
    Time setting00:01~99:59(hr/min)
    Number of divisions6/8/10
    Rated power40W
    Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H)460*456*850mm
    Package size(W*D*H)590*590*630mm

    Order Information
    Item No.
    24.888.0001Rotary Sample Divider RSD 200, 220 V,50/60Hz; incl. host, vibratory feederVF200-75/40 and 10 sample bottles 250ml.
    Rotary dividing head
    22.886.0005Rotary dividing head,incl.10pcs outlets
    22.886.0002Rotary dividing head,incl.8pcs outlets
    22.886.0004Rotary dividing head,incl.6pcs outlets
    70.014.0001sample bottle,250ml
    70.014.0002sample bottle,500ml
    70.014.0003sample bottle,1000ml
    70.014.0009sample bottle,100ml
    02.866.0101sample bottles, 250ml, 10pcs
    02.866.0102sample bottles, 500ml, 10pcs