Vibratory Sieve Shaker SS2000

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    SS2000 is used to batch sieve the solid particle or powder samples. Its electromagnetic drive system guarantees the result is achieved not only in a very short time but also accurate and repeatable. It can perform dry sieving and wet sieving for samples and most parameters can be digital preset. It is maintenance free and operation is very quiet.


    SS2000 applies for all the inorganic and organic compounds including the sand, rocks, clay, granite, feldspar, coal, soil, grains, seeds and all kinds of solid particles.

    Working Principle

    The model SS2000 adopts electromagnetic drive system which generates unique three-dimensional motion to throw samples, that makes the samples distribute evenly on the whole sieve. Intermittent vibration can improve sieving effects and guarantee sieving holes are free from blocking.

    Features and advantages

    ○ Dry, wet sieving.
    ○ Low noise, maintenance-free.
    ○ Intermittent mode can be selected.
    ○ Unique sieving with 3D motion, high accuracy.
    ○ Reliable, repeatable and high efficient sieving result.
    ○ LED 5 inch touch screen, intelligent control, convenient operation.
    ○ Digital setting, all sieving parameters can be preset, simple operation.
    ○ It can be connected to the computer and controlled by the screening software to perform data processing and analysis, screening evaluation.



    Technical Data
    Measuring range20μm~25mm
    Amplitude adjustment range0.2-3.0mm
    Time setting01~99min
    Interval operation adjustment range00~99s
    Drive /sieving modeelectromagnetic drive
    Electromagnectic drive9
    Sieve diameters100/150/200/203/305mm(8”)
    Parameter combinations that can be stored9
    Max. number of fractions9/17
    Max. feed capacity3kg or 6kg
    Rated power400W
    Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H)400*480*240mm
    Package size(W*D*H)400*615*615mm

    Order Information

    (The below is only partial information of items, for more details please contact  POWTEQ)

    Item No.
    24.887.0001Vibratory Sieve Shaker SS2000,220V,50/60Hz,

    (Please order clamping device, collecting pan, sieves separately)

    Clamping device
    01.869.0001standard clamping device(standard cover, threaded rod 2pcs,standard nuts 2pcs)
    01.869.0002comfort clamping device(standard cover,smooth rod 2pcs, comfort type fasten clip 2pcs)
    01.869.0005universal clamping device(incl. smooth rod 2 pcs,with water inlet cover, comfort clip 2pcs)
    01.869.0007standard cover
    50.008.0001Smart screen software, computer control, data recording and analysis, evaluation (incl. adapter RS232-USB, cable, balance)
    Collecting pan and lid
    01.869.0004collecting pan, 200mm*50mm, stainless steel, made in Europe
    01.869.0006collecting pan with outlet (including hose and flange) for wet process, 200mm*50mm,stainless steel, made in Europe
    01.869.0009lid of the collecting pan, 200mm*50mm,(imported, stainless steel, made in Europe
    01.869.0008intermediate collecting pan, 200mm*50mm,stainless steel, made in Europe