Knife Mill HM300

Sample type: Soft, elastic, fibrous, water-bearing, oily, fatty, dry sample
Application example:grain, feed,dried melon, vegetables, frozen food

CryoGrinder LM200

Suitable samples include polymers, rubber, textile materials, grain particles, hair, nails, skin, bones

Mortar Grinder MG200

Application:hard, soft, brittle samples
Such as :Soil, tablets, grains, glass,chemical products,Cocoa beans

Planetary Ball Mill BM6Pro

Applications:soft, hard, brittle, fibrous, dry or wet sample
Such as:cement clinker,catalyst,mineral,carbon fiber

Twister TW100

Applications:grinding dry, low in fat
Such as: feed, grain, tobacco, dry ,chemicals, drugs, and similar products

Planetary Ball Mill BM40

Applications:soft, hard, brittle, fibrous, dry or wet sample
Such as: plant material,concrete, catalyst,limestone

Cutting Mill CM200

Applications:soft, ductile, fibrous and hard samples
Such as:rubber, plastic, garbage, plastic electric wastes

Micro Ball Mill GT300

Application:small amount and large batch sample
Such as:plants, animal tissue and small quantity samples in dry ,wet or cryogenic condition

Jaw Crusher JC5

Application:hard,brittle sample
Such as:mineral, coal.glass,ferrovanadium alloy

Mortar Grinder MG100

Application:hard,soft,brittle samples
Such as: Soil, tablets,grains, glass,chemical products,Cocoa beans

Jaw Crusher JC6

Application:hard,brittle sample
Such as:ore, ceramics, cement, slag, soil

Knife Mill HM100

Applications: soft, medium-hard, elastic, fibrous, high water, oil or fat content sample and dry sample
Such as:grain, animal food, mouse tissues, plant leaf

Vibratory Disc Mill DP100

Applications:hard, brittle solid material
Such as:Concrete,depositional sludge,building debris, gypsum,

Vibratory Disc Mill VM3

Application:hard, brittle and fibrous samples
Such as:ceramics, glass, cement, concrete, metallurgy

Vibratory Sieve Shaker SS2000

Application: liquid and granularity powder
Such as:sand, rocks, clay, granite, feldspar, coal, soil and all kinds of solid particles

Rotary Sample Divider RSD200

Application:sample division, sample reduction
Application sample:engineering/electronics, building materials, agriculture, pharmaceuticals

Three-dimensional Mixer M10

Application:mixtures of granular, solid or liquid samples
Such as:chemical materials, semiconductor materials, aviation materials, pharmaceuticals

Intelligent Graphite Digester

Application: foods, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, disease control and chemical engineering and so forth